Issues Faced In Today’s Society

A group of individuals that agrees on a set of rules and regulations forms a society to help each other and live a life according to principles. There are a lot of advantages to living in a society. But when you are a part of a society, a single issue, whether big or small, affects every member of the society.

The main purpose of a society is to help other people live a peaceful life. A society teaches its members to cooperate, trust each other, and offer a helping hand at the time of need.

These social issues are certain situations that harm a society and need to be dealt with. And these issues can only be solved when the members of a society have a social plan.

Here are the most common issues that society faces:

  1. The number one issue that is faced in most societies is politics. This happens when some groups or members use their power and decides to make a decision based on their interests. This is a big issue as the voice of poor people can go unheard. This can divide the members of the society.
  2. Cars, factories, machines, these are all man-made, and also a cause of pollution. Pollution harms the environment and people. This is a social issue because it is something that is caused by the people of a society. The harmful gases are not only harming the environment but are also a danger for the people of a society.
  3. When the people of a society do not have access to basic human needs, it becomes difficult for them to live in such societies. With no clean water, health care, shelter, clothes, nutrition, education, people stop working, and this decreases the economic development.

Poverty has become the number one issue in the world. There are two cases of poverty: first, where one society has fewer funds than the other society, and second when a society has absolutely nothing.

  1. Violence is another issue that a society face. As crimes are increasing day by day, this makes people move out and settle somewhere else. This is a common problem that can be seen everywhere.
  2. There are fewer jobs for people, which gives rise to another issue, which is unemployment. If people remain unemployed, this can decrease the economic development.
  3. If members of a society do not agree on something, this lack of cooperation leads to rivalry. When you are living in a society where the members do not trust each other, it can have a harmful impact on its members.

No one man can solve these issues. It takes the effort of every single member of a society to come up with a solution to the problem that they have created. Helping the needy and poor people, providing them with basic needs, playing your part as a member, trusting each other, this is when you start seeing a change in the society and its people.

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